Bill Hobbs, EdD is the Founder and Principal of Discovering Wholeness, building on three decades of experience and work in leadership, spirituality, consulting, and education.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Saint Joseph’s University, a Master’s degree in Adolescent Development from Fordham University, and a Doctorate in Education with a focus on spirituality and leadership from the Graduate Theological Foundation.

All services can be offered in English or Spanish; Bill attended the Instituto de Idiomas in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and earned a Certificate of Merit in Spanish. He has spent significant time living and traveling in various countries in Central and South America.

He is an MBTI Master Practitioner and served on the Board of the Association of Psychological Type International.  Bill is also certified in the FIRO-B instrument.  He has also completed training and been certified as an Enneagram Practitioner and Teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method.

Bill offers one-on-one coaching, programs for small teams or groups and presentations and trainings for large groups.

Bill is available for individual or group spiritual direction as well as leading and facilitating retreats for schools, churches or other non-profits as well as religious organizations and communities.

He will work with you and your organization to customize the ideal services to meet your needs.